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garden design in Bromley

Turn your garden into your own personal sanctuary of nature with Garden in Mind's bespoke garden design in Bromley.  This combines years of practical gardening experience with a keen passion for nature and your own tastes to create something special and uniquely you.

Whether you imagine your garden as a secluded haven for mindful retreat or an aromatic space full of herbs and vegetables, my approach lets the beauty of nature take centre stage by marrying the beauty of precisely-planned beds with the dimensions and layout of your garden.




Why Choose Garden in Mind for Your Garden Design in Bromley?

Bespoke Elegance

My garden designs are tailor-made to complement your unique style and preferences, ensuring that your outdoor space is a reflection of your individuality.

Natural Harmony

Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature with designs that seamlessly integrate the local flora, harnessing the charm of the surroundings to craft breathtaking outdoor environments.

Sustainable Luxury

Garden in Mind prioritises ecofriendly practices, utilising sustainable plant selections to create gardens that not only exude luxury but also contribute to environmental well-being.?





My commitment to excellence in garden design in Bromley is unparalleled.

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor luxury with Garden in Mind – where every garden tells a unique story of refinement and natural beauty.






What's the process for Garden in Mind's garden design in Bromley?


Get in touch

Simply reach out to me at 07587 698732 and we will arrange a mutually-convenient time for an in-person inspection.


Garden Assessment

I will visit your garden or other outdoor area you are looking to reinvent to both see the canvas I will be working with and get to know what you're looking for in more detail. You may have a concrete image you're looking to bring to life, or you may also be open to outside inspiration and ideas – Whatever camp you fall into, I can adapt my approach to suit you.


Garden Planning

With the information gleaned from the assessment in hand, I will prepare hand-painted planting design plans that not only presents how your outdoor space will be laid out, but the colours on display and how they will blend together.






Give yourself the gift of a uniquely beautiful garden

To get started, please reach out to me at

 07587 698732

 or email me directly at heather@gardeninmind.co.uk


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