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Garden therapy in Bromley

Helping you attune to nature

The garden is a pleasurable outdoor space for recreation, wellness and resetting our inner barometer to chime in with nature. With this in mind, I offer gardening therapy courses, to help people connect with nature, and cultivate not only the plants, but also a sense of wellbeing within themselves. With my garden therapy in Bromley, you can gain a knowledge of growing plants, and find which aspects of gardening you like most, and a sense of curiosity as you grow with your garden. 

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Find peace outdoors

Being among nature, the forest, or the garden, with the wind rustling through the leaves, and the smell of the earth all around is therapeutic in so many ways. For people who have been housebound, or tied to their office, and have not known where to turn, these sessions can be life changing. I offer garden therapy in Bromley to people from across the local area, and from all parts of the country for my online courses.

You can sign up here for your first session, or call me on 07587 698732 to learn more about garden therapy.

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If you are interested in garden mindfulness, or wish to hire a gardener in Bromley for any garden maintenance work, you can get in touch by calling 

 07587 698732

 or email me directly at heather@gardeninmind.co.uk


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