As I walked the potentially mundane pavement-flanked homes behind the High street, I noticed.

If I had not deliberately noticed.., on purpose, my inner chatter would have bemoaned the same, dank repetition of Eleagnus, Eunonymous, Conifer, lawn, and linked a deflated resignment to each front garden I slunk past.

Now let's reframe the above with my new way of connecting ( notice how my language changes). I practice Mindfulness. When I pass a garden, I pause. From the pavement, the shrub or tree such as a resting Hydrangea becomes a personification of someone who is not wearing their best clothes, because their summer frock is being made up with gradual attention but can only have a few hours spent on it due to the fading of the light. The humble modesty of this plant in wintertime becomes a thing of sweetness, vulnerability, and beauty. 

The conifer has a blue softness akin to a grandparent's hands,placed  on your shoulders making you the safest little person in the chaos of the playground.

If I'm walking swiftly the imagery is a blur so I always slow to look. 19 seconds of absorption from the eye to the brain of a plant in detail can vapourise the antagonism of fear, worry, stress, or even depression.