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Garden in Mind is about more than just trimming hedges and mowing lawns. It's about looking after both the garden and the person. By helping the garden to thrive and grow, so we help ourselves to flourish too. With this in mind, I offer gardening tuition in Bromley for a wide range of people, both in person and online, helping them reconnect with their gardens, with nature, and with themselves. Learning about how to look after the plants and flowers in a garden also comes as part of the package!

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About Heather

My approach is to tune in to the client's requirements blending my 20 years of gardening experience with my attuned listening skills. I care as much about the people I work for as I do about understanding the finer aspects of cultivating plants and trees. With my gardening tuition in Bromley, I aim to help people maintain their garden with care and to enhance its individual merits. For example, I may encourage you to highlight a tree by ensuring it is pruned properly, adding mulch for its roots, or adding under-storey planting to beautify the bed it is growing in.





Mission statement

My mission is to connect people with plants. To enhance the best qualities of the garden making it a pleasurable outdoor space for recreation, wellness and resetting our inner barometer to chime in with nature rather than seeing nature as separate from us. Through my gardening tuition in Bromley, I help people connect with nature, the therapeutic benefits often follow soon after.

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