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A garden isn't just a piece of land on your property – It has the potential to become your personal haven of serenity and mindfulness, just as gardening can be a therapeutic refuge from today's fast-paced world and all its stresses.

As both a trained therapeutic horticulturist and gardener in Bromley, it's my pleasure to help people realise the healing power of nature and the outdoors through a combination of garden meditation, tabletop gardening and mindful gardening services.


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Garden Meditation

Beyond simple beauty, gardens and nature itself can be a sanctuary for quiet reflection and inner peace. By combining the gentle rhythms of nature with intentional breathing and your five senses, garden meditation can help you let go of distractions and enjoy the present moment.

My approach blends ancient contemplative practices with my understanding of the healing power and positive energy of plants to create a deeply restorative space where you can connect with nature and yourself.

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Tabletop Gardening

With the proper attentiveness and by cultivating a state of mindfulness, the act of gardening can help you tend to your own inner landscape just as you tend to the plants surrounding you.

Tabletop gardening brings all the healing and mindful benefits of gardening to the indoors, combining the essence of nature and the tranquillity of miniature landscapes. This offers a unique and accessible yet engaging way of cultivating serenity within limited spaces, allowing your worries to melt away as you focus your attention to the task at hand and let the repetitive motions calm your mind.






A mindful gardener in Bromley

If you are looking for somebody who understands the healing power of nature and how a garden can work for you, Garden in Mind should be your first port of call.

As an experienced gardener in Bromley, I take great care to keep your garden in tune with you and help it develop naturally while making the most of your garden's assets. I always endeavour to build on what is already there, preserving and enhancing the character of your garden while allowing your plants and flowers to flourish.

My approach results in healthy gardens that benefit the inhabitants and owners alike, aiding in relaxation, awareness of nature and general wellbeing.

If you are interested in my services, please email me at

Garden Maintenance







Low rates for quality garden maintenance

As a mindful gardener in Bromley, I believe that everybody should be able to harness and realise the healing and restorative power of nature.

That's why I have priced my services to be as affordable as possible, with my gardening rates starting at just £20 an hour and my meditative services starting from £5.

Garden Maintenance  Garden Therapy

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Informal VLOG of my varying gardening exploits

These videos are to enable you gain an idea of how my gardening courses can help you and your garden thrive.

Have a watch and if you learn something new, why not get in touch 




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Garden Design

Our bespoke garden design, focused on soft landscaping, seamlessly blends years of practical gardening expertise with a passion for nature and your personal preferences. Whether you need a tranquil retreat or a fragrant garden teeming with herbs and vegetables, our approach highlights the beauty of nature by integrating precisely-planned beds with your garden's unique dimensions and layout.

Garden Design Service






Helping Your Garden To Thrive Naturally

My approach as a gardener in Bromley, is always to look at the garden space as a whole, and try to build on what is already there. In this way we can preserve and enhance the character of the garden together, and help the plants and flowers already there to flourish. A healthy, successful garden benefits the people who inhabit that space too, and helps aid relaxation, awareness of nature, and general wellbeing.

By spending more time outdoors, being active and engaged in the progress of nature, you will feel great benefits from that alone, before you even consider the garden mindfulness courses that are available to you.

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If you are interested in garden mindfulness, or wish to hire a gardener in Bromley for any garden maintenance work

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