Tabletop Gardening in Bromley

Reduce loneliness, lessen isolation and improve wellbeing

Tabletop gardening is the mindful and restorative practice of crafting serene miniature landscapes in or on a confined space. It offers a unique and convenient way of experiencing the soothing benefits of nature and the meditative act of gardening indoors, fostering a sense of mindfulness, calm and creativity.


A person tending to indoor plants


Each session is mindfully led by Heather, your local gardener in Bromley

Heather will guide you through exploring the soil, pot and bulb with all five senses. The gentle repetition of the potting exercises encourages your subconscious mind to take the lead and leaves you feeling calm, present and restored by the end of the workshop.


1 X session of up to 12 persons £55.00 per group, per hour

This includes preparation and clear up time.




What are the benefits of Heather's tabletop gardening in Bromley?

The calming benefits of gardening come sun, rain, shine or snow

Each session is held indoors, meaning you do not need to worry about what the weather may be. If the weather permits it, we may bring a session outdoors if there is enough space for the tables and chairs.

Suitable for anybody and everybody

As long as you can make use of your hands, you can experience the healing benefits of my tabletop gardening in Bromley. Even those who struggle can receive assistance from another, as well as the benefits of simply feeling the soil of smelling the plants.

Can help to fight off depression

Mindfulness is integrated into the act of indoor gardening, which helps to bring calm and peace to the participants. This services to take your mind off any personal, professional or health challenges you may be faced by and tackling feelings of anxiety and/or depression.

No awkward conversations

 There is no need for small talk through this botanical activity. It's a great intergenerational activity and a safe space for strangers of all backgrounds to come together.

Book your attendance today by calling me at:

 07587 698732



plants on a table top

What does tabletop gardening in Bromley involve?

The exact activity of each session depends on the season – Generally, we will be potting a bulb in winter, while spring and summer will be spent sowing seeds, potting plants or making lavender bags.

Each session is small and intimate, with approximately 15 participants.

The workshops will be held in a spacious indoor environment with good lighting and ventilation as well as a table with appropriate seating. Each session will last between 90 and 120 minutes.

All the equipment you need, such as pots, dibbers, gloves, compost, strays, plants and watering cans, are provided by your gardener in Bromley.

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About Heather

(Your Course Leader)

Trained in therapeutic
horticulture through

Personal experience of
caring for an elderly

Currently runs a mindful allotment in Bromley and runs mindfulness and meditation sessions for MIND Bromley


Holds an
Enhanced DBS

Personal experience o f walking out of severe anxiety through mindfulness and meditation. 

Currently training to be a Breathworks mindfulness course instructor 





Experience true mindful gardening, led by an experienced gardener in Bromley

If you want to find out more about my tabletop gardening in Bromley or express your interest in joining an upcoming session, please get in touch at 

 07587 698732

 or email me directly at


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