I went to the garden of a departed friend.

Something eminent in the undertaking of her green space that had been allowed to re-wild while she was unwell.

I started on Doreen's garden In mind January , my first job was to remove a dead fox.

The fox was frozen solid and very beautiful . I think it had returned there to die. Doreen loved animals. She took particular care of the foxes; ensuring they had fresh boiled chicken every night .

She described them as being very ‘clean' animals and always defended them when people referred to them as vermin.

Much like Doreen's cat (Tom) , I sat on the fence – preferring not to judge but to learn.

There was a serenity about the frozen fox and a homage to my friend . It was an honour to send him to the after-life.

Today was milder weather. I focused on cutting the grass which was much like an old lady's hair let down after a long sleep – wispy , wild and fine.

I cut the grass with the mower , while listening to a podcast on the health benefits of mushrooms – when my ear pods ran out of steam I listened to black bird trilling a delightful tune that intuitively lifted my spirits.

Next door's rose is a beauty – it is a white Hybrid tea whose glorious scent Doreen and I used to appreciate as we tied it back loosely so as not to lose it.

I took a few Daises out of the path which I will re-home in my garden with Doreen's blessing.