Helped at the Green Gym – Local conservation group with absolutely nothing to do with a Gymnasium.

We do work quite vigorously so that must be the link!

Cleared the edge of the path where grass had over grown . Lots of friendly nods of approval from the passing public.

The gardener in me wants to tidy and make definitive lines to demark where I have been with my edging spade but on Fridays I wear my conservationist hat so we are encouraged to leave more in the ground than we discard.

Lots of plastic mainly bottle tops and fag packet wrapping – these get binned and hopefully recycled.

Observed some lovely draping catkins from the Hazel tree that spreads over the roof of our shed they were male because they hand down in cords , the female flowers are shaped like a vase and get pollinated by the wind to allow the seed to grow independent of its parents. They are never far away though and trees look out for each other regardless of where they came from.

It takes a village right?