Garden sun and shade.

Garden therapy - reflections on the art of gardening.

Garden therapy - reflections on the art of gardening.


Silent companion

My visits to the allotment are often solitary. Mia the allotment cat always finds me when I call out - subconsciously.  more  

Walking at Dusk

Walking in low light is good for us because it heightens our sensory engagement.  more  

Mindful interest

Common themes in front gardens that become visual poetry, and a source of inner nourishment. Be mindful, pause to take in a detail of a plant - as if your health depended on it.  more  

Good earth

A reflection on composting   more  

Filtering the compost bins

I want to give something back to our allotment community so I 'm working on the messy compost heaps for the good of all  more  

Fire energy

Insight into the earthly element of fire  more  

Ornamental Grasses

Grass can be more than a lawn we maintain with a mower and neat edge- join me on this reflection of ornamental grass and its benefits to our wellbeing and sense of pla  more  

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass-uses- meditative-practical-attractive  more