I have developed gardeners fingers and joints. I would rather say that than get caught up in over prescribing – it could be Arthritis but what the hoe.

At the end of most gardening activities I get a reminder that I use my hands a lot especially in the finger joints and the connective tissue that is involved with thumb sucking! I don't suck my thumb anymore but this mild discomfort invites the mind to seek comfort. So an alternative to thumb sucking or copious amount of cocoa solids is Aloe Vera. This succulent ‘shining bitter substance' has an instant cooling effect on the swollen area. The fleshy leaves need only a clean sharp cut to release the emollient.

Aloe can be used as a topical soother , its non greasy and has a pleasing , clean aroma. Its also very easy to grow in a pot – preferably in warm dry conditions as they like heat and rock – I like warmth but I'm more of a hippy convert than a rock chick